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Announcing Autumn/Winter 20-21 Key Visuals!

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Septem is announcing Autumn/Winter 20-21 key visuals! " We want to feel pumped up with bright fashion choices particularly in times like this"- Unveiling all 5 visuals on Septem homepage from August 17th! Please take a look at the vivid selection of images that highlight "color variations"! Please enjoy the autumn-winter fashion with Septem's 3D-printed jewelry. There are so many choices from various colors and materials. *You can check out each visual below.

Find Your Favorite:“Shiny Sporty”

A "Shiny Sporty" style incorporating glittering metallic materials―The colorful and vivid 3D-printed accessories such as the new glasses "Atlas Wave UltraGlasses" (releasing in September) will complete the pop style fashion.


World Wide:”Animal”

Styling that incorporates trendy chains as accessories―The dazzling dressy jacket which is layered on an animal motif dress gives a glamorous impression. Accessories such as bold red, yellow, and purple are energetic accents! The new glasses "Utopia UltraGlasses " will also be released in September.

100% Bespoke:“Winter Pastel“

"Winter pastel" style with its soft, pastel tone gradation gives a fresh impression. Sheer material accessories are adding to a clean and pure atmosphere. We recommend the "clear acrylic material" that you can choose from vivid and even clear colors!


Enjoy Your Own"Masculine"

"Masculine" is the trend of this term. The gentleman-like masculine style is completed with stately jewelry that enhances the gorgeous red tailored jacket. Jewelry made of silver or brass is also recommended as a winter gift for your loved ones!


Brand New Design:”Playful”

"Playful" is a styling that incorporates colors and designs―It turns out to create a colorful and happy image. Only at Septem, you can play with various colors and designs for the jewelry. We also recommend the layered bracelets or necklaces to enjoy the contrast of colors!


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