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Announcing Spring/Summer 2021 Key Visuals!

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Septem is announcing all five cuts of 2021 Spring / Summer key visuals! Colorful 3D-printed jewelry brightly colored trendy white-based styling. The 3D-printed jewelry made just for you - Enjoy the styling with the color, which is so you! * Check the details of each product from the following key visuals.  

Brand New Design:Blue x White

Blue like the deep sea. We are introducing California-based designer Lada Legina's beautifully curved one-ear earring "Nebula Earring" and the bracelet "Solar Bracelet" that gently decorates your wrist. The voluminous accessories will attract the people around you.

Solar Bracelet Nylon

Nebula Earring Nylon


World Wide:Orange x White

The orange color is as dazzling as the sun. This styling accents with a vibrant vitamin color and a trendy chain. The California-based designer Lada Legina's "Morph Chain" necklace has a unique rounded shape! You can select a chain of your favorite length (the product in the photo is 85 cm). The rings are from the same brand, "The Queen Ring" and "LG Double Finder Ring." The titanium material gives a cool impression.

Morph Chain 85 Nylon

The Queen Ring Titanium

LG Double Finder Ring Titanium


Find Your Favorite:Black x White

In such an era, create the styling with accessories to make you feel better and stand out yourself! Glamorous eyewear “Syntopia UltraGlasses” looks great in photos and videos―selecting black for modern styling. Choker-type accessories are also recommended for tight neck accents.

Syntopia UltraGlasses Nylon

Spiky Torus Choker Nylon

Spiky UltraGlasses Nylon


100% Bespoke:Turquoise x White

Turquoise blue is as beautiful as clear water. This styling is with California-based designer Lada Legina's statement jewelry "Gamma Bracelet" and MALINKO DESIGN from Australia's "Chain Reaction" necklace (the product in the photo is 41 cm) to create a refreshing mood that suits this season.

Gamma Bracelet Nylon

Chain Reaction 41 Nylon


Enjoy Your Own:Red x White

Show your originality with vivid red! Enjoy the unique styling with Septem, where edgy 3D-printed jewelry joining from all over the world! Earrings: "LIPS Earrings" from Alberto Ghirardello, Milan-based / Bracelet: "Orbits Bracelet" from Lada Legina, California-based / Tiara: "MESH Tiara" from MALINKO DESIGN, Australia-based.

LIPS Earrings Nylon

Orbits Bracelet Nylon

MESH Tiara Nylon

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