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Lada Legina

Lada Legina

With the Cosmogony collection, Lada Legina is exploring new design ideas, fusing traditional handwork with contemporary innovative techniques. Behind the glamorous, attention demanding accessories and dramatic glitter, lies deeper ideas about the evolution of jewelry design, fashion, aesthetics, and the evolution of our spiritual lives.

With inspiration spanning from the colors of nature, to spiritual readings, the multilayered collection offers more than first catches the eye. The depth, literal and figuratively, of the design keeps offering new details, and the more you look at the complex 3-dimensional textures, the more depth and layers of detail reveals themselves.

By playing with mixing artisanal handwork with modern technology driven design techniques, the collection brings interesting new textures to layer with your favorite outfits. The bold and unapologetic collection is unmistakably modern, but the handcrafted details keeps the aesthetic refined and sophisticated.

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