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Stefania Dinea steal the show in Stockholm International Fashion Fair.

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Stockholm International Fashion Fair (STOIFF), recently held in Sweden on the theme of ethical and sustainable fashion, its diversity and multiculturalism. At the venue, Stefania Dinea, a popular designer on Septem, presented 3D printed fashion accessories from the original brand Dinea Design, gorgeously decorating the models and the runway. Septem also participated in this fair as support for Dinea Design. It was a valuable experience to interact with global fashionistas and designers. STOIFF is also important for women's empowerment that is developing around the world. The last day of the fair, which also has International Women's Day, was crowded with visitors.

About Dinea Design

Swedish architect Stefania Dinea's original brand, Dinea Design, offers 3D printed accessories inspired by pop culture, architecture and geometric fashion. She applies technology for wearable jewelry and is gaining popularity overseas, especially in Europe.