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Interview with Stefania Dinea, a Designer from Dinea Design!

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 Interview with Stefania Dinea, the designer behind Dinea Design, about her popular "Luna collection." Stefania speaks about the design concept, 3D-printed technology and recommended styling. Enjoy the full-length video interview! You can refer to the full text below along with the video of the Interview.


Septem: Please introduce yourself.

Stefania: My name is Stefania Dinea and I am the owner and designer at the black label Dinea Design.

Septem: Would you please tell us what specific part you like about the Luna collection?

Stefania: What I like most about the luna collection is it’s symbolism, its connection to the moon, its hidden spirituality, its lace like pattern, its light weight, its statement size.

Septem: Please tell us about the design concept of the Luna collection and how the process went?

Stefania: The luna collection has evolved and has grown with me as a brand, throughout the last 2 years. The series actually started and it was produced in stages. It started as a circlet Entitled dark lady inspired by a Japanese cartoon series Sailor moon, it continued by it evolving into a headband that symbolizes all those women who feel empires by the moon and of course the prime collection which also launched our collaboration with Septem3D fashion : The luna earrings, which after a short while they were turned into a pendent and of course cuffs. It was a long process for sure, it went through a lot of evolutionary stages, trying to encapsulate this magical symbol, the moon,into a wearable item for the everyday woman and of course, the career woman.

Septem: Is there anything special about your relationship with Japan?

Stefania: I think my relation where Japan as a culture is still new and growing although I have been in contact with this culture from a young age I still have much to learn about the street style and the design preferences of the Japanese people and I hope to do that by being a part of Septum and collaborating intensely with a Japanese company.

Septem: One of your inspirations is “pop culture”―How did pop culture influence you and your designs?

Stefania: POP culture speaks about the now about, what is fashionable about what people connect over. I think pop culture helps me translate my underground take on concept when it comes to jewelry into a more appealing form, it helps me communicate with a wider audience and therefore I chose to mellow down the tone of the underground culture into a more popular design.

Septem: Does the 3D printing technology has a remarkable impact on the process of your design creation?

Stefania: 3D printing open the light of the gate for me I want to say that this analogy allowed me to making it more affordable, making it more approachable, making it more connectable. So yes, 3D printing is a very important part of my design process not only because of its fast prototyping but also because of its sustainable factor. We only make to order our products and of course we only use as much material as needed so we’re going for an actual zero waste.

Septem: Would you please tell us the recommended fashion styling that goes along with the Luna collection items and the scenes to wear? 

Stefania: That’s the point of 3D printed fashion, I do the design and I leave the styling up to you. I prefer to wear it with Office attire or casual sleek black clothing, and have it as a touch of elegance, like I’m wearing right now.


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