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Septem to join Stockholm International Fashion Fair.

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Septem will be exhibiting at the Stockholm International Fashion Fair in Sweden next March. This fashion fair is focusing on ethical and sustainable fashion, diversity and multiculturalism. In addition, women's empowerment, which is progressing around the world, is also an important key in this fashion fair. In the exhibition hall, you will be able to see the latest creations of the powerful female designer and architect Stefania Dinea (Dinea Design), one of the most popular female designers on Septem. Septem will be joining as a support company for Dinea Design.

Schedule: March 7 (Sat)-8 (Sun), 2020

Stockholm International Fashion Fair Official Site (English)

About Dinea Design

Dinea Design, the original brand of Swedish architect Stefania Dinea, offers 3D printed accessories inspired by pop culture, architecture and geometric fashion. She applies technology for designable, durable, wearable jewelry, which are gaining popularity overseas, especially in Europe.